The word “creative expressions” is the use of creative arts for holistic development of an individual. The basic idea is to use arts (visual, drama and movement) to help every individual explore their emotions and be aware of their feelings at the sub-conscious level. It takes an individual through a journey within oneself and helps restore confidence, self-esteem and respect for self and others. It also creates team bonding and sense of belonging for an individual. It is also a very creative and rewarding experience where the facilitator does not judge the personality of the individual but aids the individual to notice certain traits that he/ she wouldn’t have noticed before. Through the artistic process, one can identify the lines and shapes of who they truly are, develop emotional intelligence and deepen self-knowledge. It is an opportunity for the individual to express himself completely in a safe and trusted environment. An individual understands the importance of giving and receiving feedback for achieving one’s goals.

Who is it for: The course is specially designed for people, with or without any particular artistic ability, who want to learn about themselves, enhance their well-being and connect with their group. The workshops:
    • Facilitate Self Awareness
    • Build freedom to emote and express in a group and be a Team Player
    • Improve Interpersonal Skills
    • Build Leadership Qualities
    • Exhibit Courtesies and Etiquette
    • Instill confidence and self esteem to Make Presentations
    • Break the limiting barriers of the mind and Be Assertive
    • Acquire Emotional intelligence
    • Create Work Life Balance
    • Manage Stress in personal and professional life

Methodology: The facilitator engages the group in creative activities and then processes the experience of the group while carrying out the activity. The activities are designed to address the needs of the group. A combination of visual and movement therapy is used to design the activities most suited for the group. The group comes together once or twice a week for the said duration and experiences their feelings and emotions while doing the activity. A lot can be learnt about their sub-conscious mind through creative activities and this learning heightens one’s awareness of oneself.

Program Benefit: This workshop encourages the participants to go on a journey of understanding oneself, others and the organization they work with. The creative engagement boosts their morale and motivates them to look at challenges in a new light. They are also on a long process for 12 /6 weeks and this ensures that they are making changes in their behavior and psyche in the “here and now”. The experience during the workshop is deeply rooted as a learning never to be forgotten.

“Art Heals”. Creative art therapy believes that expressing oneself through art is very therapeutic. In stress and distress, a person needs medical, physical and emotional support. Any person in distress may exhibit behavior that may adversely affect him and his relationships. This therapy is a safe place for the person to explore and express their anxieties, worries and hopes that arise due to factors known or unknown to them. Collage, Colouring, Painting, Sculpting, Movement, Drama; are some of the activities that support each other in this process of self-discovery. The therapy can be extended to the person individually or a number of persons (max. 8) can be grouped together for a session. It is a very creative and rewarding experience wherein the individual engages in art forms to express oneself better and re build his relationship with himself and with the world.

Methodology: The therapist engages the individual / group in creative activities and then processes the experience of the individual/group while carrying out the activity. The activities are designed to address the needs of the individual/group. Each activity and process work takes about 60 minutes and is done once a week for each individual/group. The therapist then, listens and aids the individual/ group to explore answers to their emotional turmoil and build a coping strategy for themselves. The number of sessions for each individual or group will be decided after initial discussion with them and will depend on their need.

Benefits: It has been observed that CAT helps individuals to:
    • Recognise and Manage extreme emotions like anger, depression, anxiety etc.
    • Listen and respond to Body signals
    • Reduce burnout, stress and fear
    • Bond with family members and accept challenges
    • Explore one’s anxieties and acknowledge them
    • Instills Hope in patients and their family members

Some of My Interventions:
    • With Hyperactive children
    • With Dyslexic Children
    • With Dispraxic Teenagers
    • With Normal neurotic adults
    • With cancer patients