When you don't have time for day-long training workshops,
when all the modules in the workshop do not meet your requirement,
when you are looking for a specific skill-enhancement,
when you appreciate customized feedback,
when you seek flexibility in learning time,
when you welcome a personalized plan of action.

Opt for one-one coaching sessions with

Methodology: A skill analysis is carried out for the individual to understand their areas of improvement. Once the areas are identified by the consultant & agreed upon by the client, the topics, duration and benchmarks are set. A calendar detailing the days of the session is drafted. Clients receive training materials and relevant CDís as part of their training kit.


  • Personal attention of the Consultant
  • Freedom of expressing oneís doubts
  • Customised sessions & feedback
  • Flexibility of time and space
  • Extended mentoring

For Whom:
Anyone who is seriously interested in improving their soft skills. Especially, Sr. Managers who do not have the time to attend training workshops.
Organisations could also nominate individuals, who appreciate special attention, for honing their workplace skills.

Glimpse of the skills: These sessions are designed to enhance the workplace skills of an individual and include:

Accent Neutralisation
Assertive communication
Business Grammar
Communicating with an audience
Dining Etiquette
E Mail Etiquette
Telephone & Teleconferencing etiquette